What is Sanchaar?

Sanchaar is the revolutionary new way of creating, managing, deploying, and accessing training, documentation, online help, and support materials for Enterprise Web Based Applications. Using Sanchaar, you can quickly create and deploy Interactive Usage Scenarios and your users can access them with a simple mouse click via any standard browser.


Why Sanchaar?

Unlike traditional solutions that simulate applications through screen shot capture or animations, Interactive Usage Scenarios allow the user to learn while using and interacting with the application. By interacting with your application rather than a simulation, you maximize the effectiveness of your usability content.


How Sanchaar works?

Sanchaar provides software adapter modules for integration with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems such as Documentum, Interwoven, IBM ECM and others. By using these adapters, users are able to insert links to Interactive Usage Scenarios into any preexisting content management system.